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Fresh and Refined

Fine-tuned for ease of use and maximum efficiency.


Adaptable to the unique, evolving needs of our client base.


Use our cloud-based, mobile technology anytime, anywhere.

Streamlined. Simplified. Solutions.

CyberPay Online Phoenix is revolutionizing payroll. Designed for ease of use and ultimate accessibility, this robust cloud-based application equips employers with the necessary tools to interface with the payroll service provider—thus streamlining payroll processing. Gone are the headaches induced by software errors, complexities, and inefficiencies. Rather, our team has utilized our broad industry experience to create a fine-tuned application that can be accessed anytime, anywhere, on any mobile device. CPO Phoenix surpasses limitations and allows your business to soar.

The Future of Payroll

CPO Phoenix uses a single database for payroll, HR, and ACA compliance. CPO Phoenix is also integrated with employee self-service, timekeeping solutions, paperless benefits management, employee on-boarding, applicant tracking, and a comprehensive HR support center. Our fresh, intuitive interface presents a myriad of benefits to your clients. CPO Phoenix offers a streamlined and simple workflow. For instance, payroll entry is displayed in a step-by-step process that your clients will be intuitively guided through. This advanced online payroll software for payroll service providers is changing the industry. Will you join us?

Online Payroll Software for Payroll Software Providers

Manage all your online companies. Gain access to any screen in any company and make changes.

Key Features

  • Add new users and assign role-based security levels. Choose from over 15 predefined roles offering varying levels of access.
  • View/delete PDF reports for any company
  • Brand the application with your logo

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Payroll just became simple. Manage all of your employees with ease on a single application.

Key Features

  • View PDF reports
  • Edit their account information
  • Review and edit employee information
  • Add new employees
  • Local tax setup included
  • Adding/removing Pay Types
  • Manage Employee Deductions
  • Manage Employee Benefits
  • Manage Employee Taxes
  • Manage Employee Direct Deposits
  • Manage Time Off Accruals
  • View/edit basic employee information
  • View pay stubs
  • View W2’s

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Enter & Submit Payroll

  • Employers can enter payroll and optionally view gross to net information before approving.
  • Employer can create new employees and manage existing ones.
  • On-Demand payroll data reporting.
  • Simple step-by-step process. 1. Choose company & select dates. 2. Import. 3. Enter payroll data. 4. Check totals. 5. Commit payroll.
  • Fast, responsive payroll grid feels like a local application.
  • Grid can change dynamically. Add/remove columns, add pay types on the fly and do instant searches, all without refreshing the screen.

Review Previous Payrolls

  • Summary totals of payrolls by pay type, location, department, division, and job.
  • Employee level detail of payroll
  • Batch print checks
  • Print report groups

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Employee Self Service (ESS)

Provide all the information employees need in a single platform.

  • View/print pay stubs
  • Sign up for email and/or text notifications when pay stub is available
  • View/print W-2s
  • View/print 1095-Cs (ACA forms)
  • SSO with timekeeping
  • Edit employee contact information
  • Edit emergency contacts

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Other Advanced Features

We are proud to offer the best payroll software for payroll service providers. Our list of features and applications continues to grow! CPO Phoenix also includes:

  • User email and text alerts (bureau and/or employer)
  • Audit Trail tracks employee setup changes
  • Flexible User Accounts which allow bureau/employer to restrict access to the above
  • Bureau may optionally provide pdf copies of payroll reports, data exports, and tax forms.

CyberHR application – allows management of

  • Certifications
  • Reviews
  • Skills
  • Assets

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Affordable Care Act (ACA) Application

Affordable Care Act (ACA) application – allows users to track large employer status, employee status, affordability, dependents, and produce 1095-C and 1094-C forms.

  • Print and mail forms at bureau using CyberTax
  • Pay Nelco to print and mail and/or e-file

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