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Seamless Integration

No need to set up an interface between systems.

Accurate Results

Avoid errors and inconsistencies

Intuitive Customization

Set up your own profiles, stress-free

More Than Payroll

Here at CyberPay, Inc., we’re proud to offer so much more than payroll solutions alone. CyberTax, one of CyberPay’s most popular integrations, works to streamline the tax process. As an experienced payroll company with over 20 years in the industry, we’ve fine-tuned CyberTax to provide both seamless and accurate tax services that help avoid both complications and inconsistencies.

Robust Yet User-Friendly Tax Engine

There is no need to set up an interface between systems or deal with importing and exporting data. Our CyberTax Forms Module will meet your needs seamlessly, with customizable client profiles and intuitive features. All the power you can expect from one of our programs is made simple and accessible.

Through CyberTax, you can create client profiles which define what forms to print, the quantity, and in what order. This will ensure that each time you need to print a form, you can do it with a single click. Create forms according to Client Profile or by form type via batch printing so you can print forms for all of your clients in one easy step.

Maintain Multi-year Tax Tables

CyberTax keeps track of tax rates as they change from one year to the next. You never again need to pull notices out of storage to see what your client’s unemployment tax rate was several years ago.

CyberTax Features

Enjoy accurate and simple solutions through our premium payroll tax software for service bureaus. This integration offers:

  • Paper tax forms and ability to create e-files.
  • Partnership with Quarterly Express.
  • Partner with PMP for print and mail W2 and 1099-miscellaneous forms.
  • Option to e-file W2 and 1099 miscellaneous forms with the Federal Government.
  • Partnership in progress with Payroll Tax Management to offer an affordable e-file option through file transfer.

**We do not file directly with the tax agency.