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SBO Payroll Integration

Why should an SBO utilize an integrated 401(k)?

As a local payroll provider, you’re already well-versed in the art of providing small businesses with services that directly benefit them. But why end there? Offering your clients a payroll solution that’s fully integrated with a 401(k) savings account is mutually beneficial to both you and your clients, which is why CyberPay has teamed up with PAi.

Benefits of Integrating Payroll with a 401(k) Plan

401(k) plans are a high-value employee benefit, and offering one can help you remain competitive by attracting new clients and retaining the clients you already have. However, the retirement industry can be tricky to navigate with rigorous legal requirements and fiduciary responsibilities. But thanks to the partnership with PAi, clients get the best of both worlds. PAi’s retirement experts monitor the 401(k) side of the plan, leaving you, the payroll expert, to focus on payroll. Having a fully integrated service keeps the businesses streamlined and offers an attractive bundle to clients: a payroll solution and retirement savings plan all in one.

Plus, busy employers are always looking for ways to increase process efficiency, and a 401(k) retirement plan that’s fully integrated with payroll helps your clients save invaluable time. Business owners that utilize separate payroll services and 401(k) plans must communicate with both the payroll provider and the 401(k) administrator whenever money flows between the two, but an integrated solution offers a more cohesive approach. CyberPay’s partnership with PAi allows employers to only communicate with the payroll provider, and thanks to an automatic 360-degree exchange of data, the process is streamlined for both you and your clients.

And the benefits don’t even end there. Integrating a 401(k) savings plan with payroll can help drive revenue to your bottom line, and that’s the whole goal after all, right? Adding the ancillary service for your clients allows you to charge an integration fee outside of PAi directly to the employer, and in the long run, the more services a client can purchase through you, the easier it is to retain them as a client.

How to Inform Clients of an Integrated Solution

Now that you know just how beneficial an integrated 401(k) plan is for both you and your clients, you may be wondering about the setup process. The great news is that there is no contract or fee required to partner with us. Integrating the two services does require a little bit of work on the front end, but once integrated, the process is seamless from there on out. Once you’re set up, your client can add the census data in one easy step, and the automatic data exchange can begin!

When it comes to talking about retirement with your clients, you simply need to spark interest in an integrated 401(k) plan and then PAi will take care of the rest. In fact, PAi’s sales team is committed to following up on leads within 24 hours and will make your client a priority. PAi’s team can also assist with sales strategy and marketing solutions by hosting webinars, providing content, and assisting with social media.

Don’t let fear of the unknown prevent you from taking advantage of CyberPay’s partnership with PAi. If you would like more information about the numerous benefits of utilizing a fully integrated 401(k) plan, don’t hesitate to sign up for CyberPay’s upcoming webinar today!