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ADP’s Trick to Building a Sales Pipeline Edit

For those of you with an ADP or Paychex background, you may be familiar with the concept of using a labor law poster as a sales tool. For everyone else, you may be thinking “What do labor law posters have to do with selling payroll?”

For years, ADP and Paychex have been getting in front of local businesses all over the US by leveraging a free labor law poster in exchange for a face-to-face payroll evaluation. They figured out a very simple concept….labor law posters have a retail value of about $50 and are required by law for every employer to hang in their business, so why not use them as an incentive to book sales appointments. This strategy is especially productive when a labor law posting change has been recently released because every business in the affected state is required to display the updated version of the poster.

It does not matter whether a sales rep is calling off of a leads list, cold calling face-to-face, or leveraging a local referral source, the labor law poster is a great way to spark a conversation and a compelling reason for a business prospect to meet with you. The real key to successfully converting these “poster” appointments into payroll proposals is for the sales rep to become a trusted advisor by helping the employers fill out the blank notices on the labor law poster.

Why is this?

Every state has labor law notices that need to be filled out. These will vary by state, but typically include postings like the workers’ compensation notice, emergency contact information, or even a payday notice. By helping businesses fill these sections out, the sales rep can gain valuable and relevant information about the prospect while creating talking points to transition into a payroll evaluation and even a sales proposal. Some of the information that can be obtained while filling out the blank sections of the poster include: current workers’ compensation offering, number of employees, payroll frequency, current payroll provider, ancillary services included, pros and cons of current service, etc. During this process of discovery, assistance and compliance education, the sales rep can build a relationship, cultivate trust, brand their service bureau and ultimately become top of mind as a potential payroll provider.

How does a rep ensure that they meet with a business owner or decision maker and not with just a receptionist or admin?

There are two factors that ensure a productive meeting with a decision maker when dropping off the labor law poster and helping them fill it out. The first key is that the notices on the poster that need to be filled out include important business information such as a workers’ compensation policy number, that only a higher-level employee or business owner would have access to. The second key is that the payday notice needs a signature and will typically be the signed by the same person that signs the payroll checks. These two factors, if utilized properly, ensure that a “poster” appointment is a qualified meeting that affords the sales rep some quality time with a decision maker.

If you are interested in exploring this concept further, PosterElite offers Appointment Setting, Trusted Advisor and Lead Generation Programs that are turn-key, simple to implement and include scripts, live training, marketing, support, and of course, branded labor law posters!

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